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Published: 22 October, 2021

We combine the best local ingredients and to go great lengths to source the best produce from around the Highlands and Islands. All our beef is locally sourced from a family run business called ‘Campbells Prime Meat Ltd’ they have been operating for over 100 years and are located just outside of Edinburgh. Campbells select the best Scotch beef available and then dry age it for a minimum of 21 days in their temperature and humidity controlled hanging chiller allowing it to mature and to become beautifully tender and rich in flavour.

All our beef is a mix of Aberdeen Angus Charolais or Aberdeen Angus-Simmental. Why? Aberdeen Angus is small in size so by cross-breeding we still get the lean meat and exquisite flavour from the Angus with the larger more muscular breeds to improve the muscle quality of beef cattle.

Primes famously popular steaks are a part of the Campbells Gold range which represents the finest range of premium Scotch Beef products. Established in 1994 as a trademarked brand under Campbells, each Campbells Gold steak is made from the highest quality grass-fed Scotch Beef. Scotch Beef is made from cattle that have been born, raised and processed right here in Scotland on the best farms with the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

Scotch Beef is famous across the world for both the high quality of the product and the high standards of animal welfare. Once the beef has matured their master butchers in Lathallan expertly cut the beef by hand to our requirements and deliver to us where we cook the steak to your own taste. 

To learn more about our meat supplier visit their website here. 

If you would like to make a reservation to try our popular locally produced steak follow our links below. 



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