To understand why we opened High Spirits in Falkirk, you first have to understand why, almost 10 years ago, we opened Bar One in Inverness.

Inverness nightlife was vibrant and full of character, but at the time, there was very little in the way of a premium offering. Something for the people who were happy to spend that little extra for the quality, and the environment that comes with it. And so, Bar One was born & along the way we’ve won global awards for our mixology! The time had come for us to branch out of Inverness and bring this concept to Falkirk!

This, coupled with a fortunate series of events, led us to the site of The Thirsty Cow on Vicar Street in Falkirk, which was looking for a new owner.

From notice to opening, we were given mere weeks to prepare, purchase, plan and implement everything we needed to replicate our Bar One concept in Falkirk.

After receiving the keys on Monday 3rd September, after having everything ready to go, we worked from morning to night, training, cleaning, re-branding, building, and before we knew it, we were open on the evening of Thursday the 6th!

Since opening, we haven’t been without our teething problems, but the brand, the product, and the service remains resolute, and this is shown in our so far perfect 5* reviews. It’s fair to say that Falkirk has welcomed us with open arms, and we thank everyone for that.

We aim to build our reputation from here, to fit nicely into the existing nightlife scene in Falkirk and continue bringing our own brand of food and drink wizardry to the city!